What is our personality?

Passionate. From high-quality ingredients to the ever-evolving specials in the food and
drinks menus, we are passionate about what we serve to our customers. Our dishes
have been carefully created to cater to all tastes - from conventional, much-loved
dishes, to new flavour combinations invented in our own kitchen. We put a lot of love
and thought into what we bring out of the kitchen and the bar, and even into our service
and the products that we offer – so that we can give customers the best of what they

Worldly. From our creative cuisine options, to our signature cocktails and craft beers,
we have brought our experience traversing the globe for the best taste sensations, to

Indulge. We bring much-loved local and international dishes to our customers, while
adding creative quirks by using new ingredients and cooking methods that are trending.

Quirky. From our tongue-in-cheek coasters and placemats to our twist on traditional
drinks and foods with our own unique concoctions, we add some figurative flavour to
customers’ experience at Indulge. We are filled with surprises and always keep things
interesting, with our transformation from day to night, and our revolving offerings in
food and drinks.

Warm. Service that puts the customers first. Bright smiles, and an eagerness to please.
Lively, vibrant and friendly, like you would find in Western hospitality, but with the
graciousness, politeness, and care typical of Thai hospitality. Despite the sometimes
‘dark’ feel typical of night eateries, our food and our service is always warm, bringing
light to the experience in another form.