Most of us keep hunting for quirky coffee zones where we can get a relaxed coffee break from the excruciating office works and our tiring jobs routines. Indulge Restaurant in Bangkok has one such coffee gem lying in its sweet surrender where you can break your monotony and enjoy the mouth-watering espresso sessions along with varieties of burgers and sandwiches served with fries and house salads.

Let’s take a look at a few of the coffee doses that we have in store for you at the best café in Bangkok


A creamy-chocoaltey espresso martini with Absolut vodka, Kahlua, & Illy espresso is one thing that will give you a new high. Its unique taste holds the taste buds and stays there for quite some time. As its name suggests, this coffee is definitely going to take your sleep away enabling you to better focus on your upcoming meeting!


The Irish coffee is made with hot Illy espresso with Jameson whiskey, caramelised brown sugar, thick cream foam served hot with blended love of our chefs in it. This coffee is known for its distinctive taste particularly for coffee lovers who like to take it to the edge.


As the name suggests, this coffee will leave you tipsy with its incredible flavors. The Tipsy Affogato is made from Frangelico, hot Illy espresso & topped with vanilla bean ice cream giving you a blend of both hot and cold.


The Café Cognac is definitely best served at Indulge Restaurant. This beauty is made with hot Illy espresso with Remy Martin VSOP Cognac. It is definitely a love at first taste for most of the coffee lovers. Once tasted, this is never forgotten and becomes your absolute favorite instantly.

So, select the coffee at best cafe in Bangkok and get ready to brim with energy for your upcoming meeting at the office!