Who said there is no such thing as perfect? Indulge Restaurant in Bangkok offers you a dining and bar experience that is beyond perfection. The culinary skills of our chefs and electrifying cocktail techniques of our bartenders makes you believe that it is the best place to be at.

Our bartenders believe that cocktail holds the capabilities of keeping a party intact and amusing. As our guests are really important for us, our bartenders make sure that your party goes on endlessly. They firmly consider that-

“If a cocktail done right, it can really show your guests you care.”

Hence, listed below are a few of our quirky Signature cocktails that you must definitely try-

Mango Caprina- Mixed with Cahaca is this cocktail that has richness of mango, lime and Vinegar Sugar to give you a twist of tangy taste in every sip that you intake. Mango Caprina is the cocktail that will definitely swing your mood to a completely different and happy direction.

Mother Teresa Goes To Holywood- You are bound to go crazy with this Signature cocktail as it presents to you a deadly combination of Absolut Vodka poured in with peach, lemon, passion fruit and mango. This is not something to be missed. So go, fetch this drink from our bar as fast as you can!

Flaming Lambroughini- A flaming ladder of cocktail glasses with your drink at the bottom- can you imagine how unique your experience is going to be. Made with Kahlua, Bailey’s cream, blue curacao and absinthe; this cocktail is a muse for every cocktail lover.

Champagne Supernova- Absolut Vodka with white wine Prosecco added into Strawberry liquor, strawberry, lemon, strawberry foam is that cocktail drink that soothes your heart and at the same time recharges you for another round. You guys really gotta try this drink!

So, we hope you’re all set to rock at Indulge which is a Bar and Restaurant near Termini an 21 in Bangkok! Trust us, you won’t get better services anywhere else.