With upcoming Mother’s Day, how about you bring your mother at Indulge- The Best Restaurant in Bangkok for a surprise dinner followed by a relishing dose of desserts from our heart-warming dessert menu. It has variety of flavors including strawberries, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, red velvet etc; every bite of which is going to take you to another world of sugary happiness.

All varieties of these electric desserts are worth melting for. In the hope of making your Mother’s Day special, we have listed our all time favorite desserts that showcases the artistic blend of flavors found in our desserts-

SEASONAL FRUIT SALAD With White Chocolate Crumble-

A beautiful unification of fruits and white chocolate that’s best suitable for all health conscious people! They beauty with which it’s presented and the crumbles of chocolate that come in every bite leaves an element of surprise to its taste.

MILLEFEUILLE With strawberries & cream-

The ceaseless love for strawberries continue here where can enjoy the crispy Milleffuille with a taste of strawberry and cream in every alternative bite. Jump on and take a ride to the beautiful world of red and white.

TIRAMISU The real deal –

with mascarpone and coffee liqueur- This dessert is a muse for all the coffee lovers who see just keep repeating one word every time- COFFEE! If this is the case then imagine how your coffee dessert is going to taste. Yum-Yum!

APPLE CRUMBLE With warm vanilla custard-

While some say- “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”; we say “Apple Crumble with warm vanilla custard a day keeps your craving for sweets at bay!” So, let’s shout out for Apple Crumble.. Woohoo!

HOMEMADE BANOFFEE With salted caramel-butter sauce-

How about a slightly salted yet sweet taste in your dessert today? This combination might not sound so good to your ears but it will definitely comfortably rest on your taste buds!

RED VELVET Layers of cream cheese & red velvet-

What happens when we hear red velvet? Our heart starts pounding at a much faster pace! And what happens when it’s served with creamy cheese? We just go crazyyyy!