Each one of us looks up for the best restaurants in Sukhumvit serving the most delicious food and some cocktails to accompany. While we are on shopping spree, out to meet some friends or even to spend some time with ourselves- food becomes the ultimate companion and also the only savior to rescue us from the devouring time. And why just sadness, food is a friend that accompanies in happiness, joy, love and celebration.

Along with food, cocktails are very much needed to relax a bit and feel the warmth down the throat. But the real question is where to go- a place that distinguishes from every other? Sure, but what would define those differences? Well, we have just the answers listed below for you-

Reviews- Don’t reviews help us to make better choices? We suggest you check out our reviews on Facebook, TripadvisorFour SquareGoogle. We are sure you’d get the answers from there as all the platforms are brimming with love for us from our customers.

Exotic Signature cocktails- The delightful combination of drinks are presented in the most exquisite way making sure that the taste and feel blend in perfectly into each other for a refreshing and fun-filled evening for you.

Music- Cocktail when accompanied with good music automatically makes even a non-dancer groove on its beats. So, raise your glasses and start dancing, like it’s said- Dance like nobody’s watching!

Offers- And we do have all those offers and deals listed down for you all which you can avail to add a few more stars to your jovial experience.

Bartender’s skills- Witness the smoothness in the preparation of your selected drinks coming directly from the hands of our bartenders who present all the drinks with a unique touch rendered with perfection!

We hope all these reasons would be sufficient to pull you to the best cocktail bar near the Continent Hotel in Bangkok !