Bangkok is a paradise for all the foodies out there. It brims with the street food with so many restaurants and street food vendors serving top quality food. It is easy for locals to figure out the best eating joints but equally difficult for travelers to spot the best food joint.

Indulge Restaurant in Sukhumvit, a restaurant near Arte Hotel is the one stop place whose location is a both a shopping haven as well as a food haven. Here is a food guide for you all listing what to eat in Bangkok-

1.    Gluten free pizza Bangkok

Taste the best gluten free pizza here that is up to make its way to your growling stomach, satisfying your craving tremendously. With crunchy crust that is gluten-free topped with veggies and condiments, it gives you a heavenly food escape on your vacation!

2.    Bangkok Halal Food

Bangkok is one of the best places that serve refreshing Halal food with International twist. Its classic aroma first plays around with your olfactory organs finally settling down on your taste buds, only leaving a satisfied stomach.

3.    Best tapas in Bangkok-

Enjoy the best tapas of the town here; which are actually snacks having its origin in Spain. However, Bangkok presents it with the best twist and to try that you’ve got to come to Indulge. We are sure you’ll cherish every bite of it.

4.    Halal burger Bangkok-

With best halal patties resting between the buns to halal gourmet burgers, you will end up having wanting some more of these burgers in Bangkok. We have a range of burgers that must be on the top of your list.

5.    Halal Seafood Bangkok-

Famous grilled squids are one of the best options in seafood for you all. They are simply grilled over charcoal and served with spicy Thai sauce. This freshly cooked seafood is so delectable and up for grab everywhere in Bangkok.

So, we hope with these best 5 eatables at Restaurant near Arte Hotel, you will be all sorted with the question of what to eat in Bangkok.