Having a good day is totally based on the first meal of the day; at least so is the case with every foodie. Good food does the magic to your taste buds and lightens up the mood quickly. So, get your famished belly delighted with the sumptuous platter of food served at your table and your day is surely made.

When comes to food, there is only one name that you associate with, which is Indulge, a restaurant near Terminal 21. What makes it special is the hearty breakfast, tasty brunch, filling lunch and relaxing dinner that is absolutely our forte.

If you’re looking forward to a good beginning, here’s what you should try at Terminal 21 restaurant

Farmer’s Breakfast-

Like it’s been said that one should have a breakfast like a King and our Farmer’s breakfast is a perfect anecdote of that. An association of a variety of things in one platter- ham, scrambled/ fried eggs, sausages, tomatoes, potatoes, toasts, coffee, and juices are just what you need for the first meal of the day.

Egg Benedict-

It is a dish that fulfills your breakfast desire and brings content to your heart. An ideal dish for breakfast or brunch in which the poached egg sits on the throne made of English muffin and bacon. This incredible breakfast is totally steal-worthy.

Prawn Congee-

A comfort food in China made with rice and prawn. To add the flavor to these essential items, various condiments such as salt and black pepper are added and its richness gets multiplied when ginger, red chili and spinach and poached eggs in another salver!

Red Curry Chicken Waffle-

As we know that waffles are gluten-free. So, for all those who are looking for a gluten-free meal can go with red curry chicken waffle which is a delight to the tongue and a fête to the mood.

With these, we at Indulge – Good Restaurants Bangkok hope you already know that your expectations are surely going to be met for breakfast at restaurant near Terminal 21. We look forward to your visit.