Indulge Bangkok is a heavenly abode where you can get a tantalizing mix of plentiful food and alcoholic drinks, making it a worthwhile experience. You must be wondering how is serving food and alcohol makes us special? It is not just the routine appetizers we are referring here but it is the fusion that makes us stand out from others.

As we talked about fusion food sometime back, this time let’s get you acquainted with our cocktails from Indulge Restaurant’s Bar Bangkok.


First thought that directly associates us to Cinema is popcorns and coke, ain’t it? Well, presenting fusion of popcorn infused Havana Club 3 years + salted caramel syrup + coke + lemon, all of this in a single drink. So, yes this is how we are redefining the cinematic experience for you by blending it with highball.


A salad-y pump up for all those who like to eat and drink everything healthy. This fusion drink includes citrus infused absolute vodka + tomato juice + fresh cucumber + celery + tobacco + Worcestershire sauce + lime + salt and cayenne pepper.


This fusion drink plays with your taste-buds because of the ingredients involved in its making- Hennessey brandy + fresh ginger + fresh cucumber + lime + mint + topped with ginger beer; and there you are holding this surreal drink to refresh your mood.


A tangy cocktail with beefeater gin + Thai sweet basil + lemon + lime is a smashing cocktail that hits your tongue with many flavors in just the right manner.

Knowing that we have these as well as plethora of other fusion drinks at cocktail bar Bangkok, can we expect a visit from you soon!

The entire fusion pub Bangkok team is looking forward to see you at Indulge Sukhumvit Restaurant.