Dating back to 7000 BC (approx. 9000 years back), Wine finds its earliest ways to the sites in China. From pre-historic to modern era, wine has seen developments in all its forms across the world. In fact, along with its production, wine tasting is also an ancient tradition. However, from 14th century onwards, the methodology has slowly become established.

We, at Indulge, bar located nearby The Westin Grande, offer you various types of wines- from Red Wine to Rose and Sweet Wines that are a must try:

Red Wine-

It is typically made from dark-colored grapes. Western Australia, France, Chille, France, Italy, Argentina and South Africa and other, we have red wine coming from worldwide. Fat Bastard, Urban Cabernet Sauvignon are a few of them to start with.

White Wine-

It can be found in various colors such as straw-yellow, yellow-green, or yellow-gold. It is produced by the alcoholic fermentation of the non-coloured grapes of any skin type. Vision, White Wine Cuvee, Nv, Frankand Estate, Western Australia; Urban Uco, Torrontes, Bodegas Y Vinedos O. Fournier, 2011, Salta, Argentina; 234 Do, Chardonnay, Enate, 2014, Somontano, Spain are some of the wines that you can relish at Indulge.

Rose Wine-

A kind of wine that gets its colors from the grape skins but do not qualify as Red Wines. In our collection, we have eloquent Rose Wines such as De Chansac, Cinsault Vielles Vignes, 2012, France; Ep D’or, Aop, Grenache Cinsault, 2013, Cotes De Provence, St Tropez, France.

Sparkling Wine-

Contains significant level of carbon di oxide, which makes it fizzy, thus the name Sparkling Wine. Moscato D’asti Docg, Vietti, 2014, Piedmont, Italy; Lambrusco Grapparossa Di Castelvetro Amabile, Doc are a few of them in our priced collection.

Sweet Wine-

Typically served with dessert, we have a phenomenal range of sweet wines such as Spatlese Cuvee, Kracher, Neusiedlersee, 2013, Burgenland, Austria; Aylor’s Port, Portugal.

So, do visit Indulge the best restaurant in Bangkok to try our exquisite wine collection at our Cocktail bar Bangkok to give your sensory organs a push with its taste.