Food definitely means a platter served at your table with aromatic fragrance, eye-popping presentation and mouth-watering food that gets you drooling instantly. Especially when it comes to chicken dishes, the resistance diminishes at a faster pace with the lusciousness growing to gobble down the feast.

So, now that you’ve made your mind to have tender chicken meal served on your palate, here are a few recommendations that you can try from appetizers to meal at the Best Restaurant in Sukhumvit!

Red curry chicken waffle-

Imagine a platter of crispy waffles up on which rests the tender chicken pieces soaked in the heavenly red curry- it just got my mouth dripping, yours too?


A main course meal dish served with generous amount of food on your plate. It includes rice topped with half-fried egg, chicken nuggets dancing on the floor of red curry, and beautifully presented veggies by its side. Doesn’t it look like the meal you wish to have right away!

Tender Mushroom Chicken-

When simply mushrooms are not enough, then we spread our magic spell to bring a better and finer version of it with Tender Mushroom Chicken. This gorgeous meal opens the doors to a bed of mashed potato on which rests the chicken pieces with stuffing of mushrooms.

Chicken Confit-

Slowly cooked chicken legs with thighs on low flame to get the raw meat cook in a flawless manner and see the transition to golden shade. It tastes heavenly.

Pan Sear Lemongrass Chicken-

Marinated with fresh herbs and served with spicy green mango salad amidst which lies tender chicken morsel- this dish allows you to find a unique blend of spicy and sour taste. It is worth tasting once because if you it one time, you’re definitely going to order it on your subsequent visits.

Try these appetizing dishes and many more at Chicken Restaurant Near Asok Montri Road in Bangkok serving variety of fusion foods along with the best cocktail worldwide.