A healthy diet is the key to keeping yourself maintained and going. With freshly squeezed juices and healthy shakes, one can obviously enjoy their time without breaking the fitness regime. The most interesting part is that you can be a part of the party without feeling left out and still choosing healthy drinks since they are as interesting as any other drink.

At Indulge Restaurant in Sukhumvit, we serve a wide variety of fresh juices and shake you simply fall in love with instantly. Here are a few of them that will readily fill you with energy-

ABC Juice:

What’s that? Well, it is a blend of apple, beetroot and carrot squeezed together to provide you nutrients of each one of them from just a single drink. It is extremely healthy and even tasty!

Carrot, Pineapple, Apple, Passion Fruit:

Are you one of those who do not like involving fruits in their daily meals? It is ok if you don’t because we have a better, healthier and tastier option available for you at Indulge Restaurant near Asok Montri Road. Yes, this juice culminates the boring taste and accumulates the individual tastes in a fascinating way. Just try it and you will know.

Passion Fruit Lychee Soda:

Even if you are full after the dinner, this will come to your rescue to digest the food and instantly energize you with the power pack combination of passion fruit and lychee. Imagine if both the fruits taste this good individually, how their combination is going to be.

Roselle ‘Krajeab’ Juice:

When you need something to refresh you in scorching heat and help to soothe you down your temperature, have Roselle juice. It has a light refreshing and berry like taste with the aroma of goodness.

We hope you would soon drop by to have a sip or two of these unimaginably luscious juices and shakes available only at Restaurant near Asok Montri Road.