With pleasant festive vibes pervading the environment, this moment of joy and celebration calls for some exclusive celebration. Indulge Restaurant in Sukhumvit offers a pleasurable party experience where you will get the best dining as well as bar experience in a lavish ambiance. Call up your friends or gather with your family members and simply enjoy our welcoming treatment.

Allow us to help you set the mood right with our number of alcoholic beverages. Some of them being:

Massive collection of wine:

Tell us which one’s your favorite and it will be served at your table from our massive collection of red, white, rose, sparkling, sake and plum wine and sweet wine.

For the love of beer:

If you are one of those who are best friends with beer then it is time to make some new ones from our collection of craft and import beer, cider and fruit beer, draught beer, and local beer.

Alcoholic coffees:

When plain and simple becomes boring, those days call for alcoholic coffees that take an exciting dive on your taste buds, leaving you with utmost contentment.


We are definitely not limited to exotic wines and tasteful beer, but we also serve vodka, gin, rum, tequila, aperitif, whisky, bourbon, single malt, brandy, and various other exciting liquors for a great party experience.

We just love to see how you are spoilt with all these choices. Now that you have been, we must tell you that it is time you straight away drive to our party restaurant in Bangkok to spark up the mood and enjoy every single moment that is left of 2017!