The beginning plays a crucial role in our lives. Be it a relationship or a building or even food, if the base is right, the following floors will get the right support and if the appetizer is good, the following meal will be tasted with a lot of excitement.

As soon as you enter a place to serve your famished belly, what you look forward to is welcoming atmosphere of the place. Once you sit down for a meal, you have all sorts of expectations from it. If it’s good, you will happily taste other and if not, the mood will be slightly on the negative side.

Therefore, Indulge Restaurant takes care of their customers from the very beginning of their meal. When comes to the appetizers, we offer you the most delectable choices that look as well as taste equally good. The soups served at the top restaurant in Bangkok tastes so fine that even if you’re full, you give our main course a shot, and well, we definitely nail it too.

Coming back to the appetizers..

At Indulge, we mainly serve two varieties of soups:


Our European menu of soups encompasses Velvety Tomato & Goats Cheese, Mushroom Cappuccino Parmesan Foam, and Prawn Bisque with Crispy Aioli. Each one of it delves you into its taste and gives you a dreamy experience. With every sip, you thank the hands that prepared it with so much love and precision.


Thai is definitely our specialty. Be it in main course or starters, we make the best in Bangkok. Our Thai soups range from Green Curry Chicken (also available in vegetarian), Coconut Tom Kha Chicken (available in choices of shrimp or vegetarian), and Shrimp Tom Yum, which is spicy. Once you have it, you will never ever think about visiting any other restaurant in Bangkok.

Therefore, we say visit us and try these mouth-watering soups as soon as you can!