Crab Salad or the King of Salads is one of the most popular salads featuring crabmeat. The recipe finds its roots in the West Coast of the United Stated dating back to the early 1900s. There are many variants available in the market in terms of taste as well as presentation.

At Indulge, we offer a number of Western and Asian style salads including Classic Caesar, Sweet & Sour Orange Duck, Fresh Burrata Caprese, Spicy Seafood Salad, Spicy Seafood Salad, Spicy Glass Noodle Salad, Raw Papaya Som Tum Fresh Prawns etc. In the vast list of healthy yet mouth-watering salads, we also have the best crab salad in Bangkok that boasts of its rich taste and exceptional culinary skills.

Our special Green Apple Crab remains the most popular taste at Indulge Restaurant in Bangkok. Our extraordinary preparation skills and great concern to serve the best keeps us enthused to prepare every crab salad platter with best tender crabmeat combined with celery and green apple served with light mayonnaise and curry dressing to enhance the taste. As soon as you dig into the salad and take the first bite of the succulent tasting salad, you instantly realize that Indulge is the hub of the best crab salad in Bangkok.

To be very honest, our customers motivate us to keep serving them the best food due to which we are always on the go to incorporate a number of experiments in order to get the top fusion delicacies that are purely the output of our chef’s experience and expertise. Therefore, without allowing the second thoughts in mind, grab the platter of best crab salad in Bangkok unlike any place else in the world.