Like we all know, Bangkok is considered as the hub for some lip-smacking Thai food served in the restaurants and equally delectable platters on the streets.

The good news for all the foodies out there is that the Indulge Restaurant, which is based on Sukhumvit Road (the busiest street of Bangkok), serves you not only the most loving Thai cuisines, but is one of the best restaurant in Bangkok that truly believes in the fact that food is like an Art. We love to experiment with food where we see an empty platter as a blank canvas- ready to be filled with a number of colors like veggies, condiments and everything tasty from your kitchen.

As much as our culinary experts like to experiment, there are those dishes that they simply love to keep authentic, because of the lovely transformation that they undergo in this process. Keeping the cooking methods same, there is still a distinguishing taste in the final dish prepared by our chefs that rests on your taste buds once you gobble it.

One such fascinating dish is our Roasted Spring Chicken. There is something so welcoming in its rustic golden appearance and savory aroma that just a platter of it never suffices. You simply want it more, more and a lot more!

The best roasted chicken in Bangkok prepared by our chefs uses fresh ingredients for best flavors. It includes finely diced large springs fresh rosemary, minced garlic cloves, lemon zest, and lemon juice that are stuffed in the chicken cavity with a sprinkle of salt and pepper inside it and finally roasted in the roasting pan.

The sumptuous tasting, eye soothing, and nose appealing Roasted Spring Chicken satisfies your three senses- Eyes, nose and tongue, all at the same time along with a bang on fulfilling meal for your stomach.