Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, is one of the best tourist spots in the entire world. Many people from all over the globe travel to Bangkok for everything that the city has to offer. Other than the fact that is the largest and most developed city in Thailand, Bangkok has more reasons as to why thousands of people flock over to it every year. If you are wondering why Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world, here are your answers:

The Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun)

Wat Arun is one of the best tourist destinations in Bangkok. Located opposite the Grand Palace, the Temple of Dawn is an architectural marvel and is so different and unique when compared to the other temples you can find in Bangkok or even the entire country of Thailand. The temple’s spire, from top to bottom, is covered by colourful glass and porcelain that can be traced to the country’s Chinese influence. You can even climb the spire to get the best view of the entire city.

The floating markets

This is something that only Bangkok has. There are boats on either side of the river and these boats are full of merchant items such as fruits, vegetables, local dishes, and even souvenirs. You can go to the floating markets by riding a guided tour.

Khao San Road

This is considered the home of the modern-day backpacker and party animal. It can be chaotic as it is where the east and west of Bangkok intersect. But as chaotic as it is, this is where the youngsters of Bangkok and the younger travelers usually go to. There are plenty of cheap accommodations in Khao San Road and this is where mobile bars suddenly pop up to transform the street into a party scene. If you love the nightlife, Khao San Road is for you.

The Grand Palace

Once home to the royal family of Thailand, the Grand Palace is one of the best landmarks that Bangkok has to offer. It was built in the late 1700s and used to be the center of Thailand’s government. But it has since become a tourist destination where lovers of traditional architecture flock all over to. It has ancient designs that were obviously influenced by Thailand’s Buddhist culture. There are also plenty of sculptures and temples in the palace vicinity.

Traditional Thai massage

Thailand is known worldwide for its massage. And if you want the best kind of Thai massage, you can get it in Bangkok. It’s the best way for you to recover from all the stress and body pains you might be suffering from all of the shopping and visits you were doing all day. A Thai massage will improve your mood and will complete what was a tiring day for you. The best part is that it’s such an affordable way for you to relieve yourself from the fatigue of travel.

Great Food

Thailand has a wide range of restaurants that provide not only authentic, but affordable Thai food. Indulge Bar & Restaurant is an establishment that offers high-quality Thai food suitable for people that’s looking to try authentic cuisine. Come visit today!