Even if you aren’t particularly fussed about how long dinner takes, making a reservation can make the whole dining experience a lot better. You don’t have to stress about which restaurant to go to, or spend half an hour in line outside. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to give your attention to the loved ones you are enjoying the evening with.

Choose a restaurant. Prior to making reservations, you should figure out the type of restaurant you’d like to visit. The type of food everyone would like to eat and the location will play a part here. Though most restaurants do take reservations, some do not – especially smaller or newer establishments. Learn the restaurant policy before trying to reserve seats for the night.

Determine the number of people at your table. After you’ve settled on a restaurant, determine the number of people who will be going. The amount of time you have to wait may differ, depending on how large your party is. If it’s just you and your partner, you’ll probably be able to get a table quite easily. A party of 12, however, will take a significantly longer wait, and you should, therefore, call longer in advance.

If someone in your party hasn’t confirmed whether they’ll be able to make it or not, reserve a place for them anyways. Having an empty seat at the table won’t be as difficult as moving people around to make room for one more in a crowded room.

Agree on a date and time. It’s easier to get reservations on some days compared to others. There is often less traffic on weekdays compared to weekends, so you probably won’t have to book as far in advance. Additionally, a table at lunch or dinner time will be a lot more difficult to get than at odd hours in the day, such as 3 or 4pm. Try to have an alternative date and time just in case your preferred time is not a possibility.

Reserve as soon as you can. Oftentimes, booking a few hours earlier is adequate. For large parties, confirmed plans, or exclusive establishments, make the reservation as soon as you can. Some restaurants are so hard to get in that you’ll need to book a table for a few weeks, or even months ahead of time.

Be polite. Whether you are making a reservation at a highly lauded restaurant or the casual dining place on the next road, remember to be polite. The way you talk to the maître d’ can mean the difference between getting a great table with a view and being seated next to the bathrooms. Try not to come off as if you are entitled to a table. No restaurant wants to say no to business. If the maître d’ says there aren’t any tables available at your requested time, simply ask if there are any other times that they will be able to accommodate you. They will give you their earliest availability that can accommodate your party, and you can go from there.

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