If you’re looking for the best food in Thailand, don’t head to the malls or restaurant complexes. Instead, head to the sois. Sois are what Thai people call the small roads branching off from the main road. Quite a few local food vendors make their living on the streets here. Noodles, rice dishes, meat skewers, and lots of other things are whipped up on the spot, and served steaming hot on your plate. Locals and tourists alike grab a meal here on the daily. These places can be found all throughout Thailand.

Thai Food Culture

No matter if you’re grabbing a meal in an upscale restaurant or on the streets, you can look forward to quite a variety of options, all composed of fresh, delicious ingredients. Many Thai households don’t cook very frequently at home, instead opting for the quick, cheap food sold nearby. From a young age, Thai kids learn how to order their favorite meals at the local street stall.

In upper-tier restaurants and shopping malls, flavors are often tweaked to accommodate non-locals. The spiciness is usually toned down a bit, much to the relief of many tourists. Thai food as it is today has been influenced by a great many countries, from India to China. Western countries even have an influence, and you are sure to run across quite a few interesting fusion dishes. You’ll definitely be spoiled for options!

Thai Food Prices

Oftentimes, it is cheaper to purchase food than buy ingredients to cook yourself at home. Take, for instance, Pad Thai. This dish is a Thai traditional one made with long flat noodles, shrimp, egg, and some vegetables and herbs. You can usually grab a serving for anywhere from 30 to 80 baht, depending on the location and ingredients. Don’t expect to pay with your credit card, either – most places only accept cash. Be sure to ask for the price beforehand, or you may find that you’re charged a “tourist’s price”. If you are opting to dine in the restaurant, however, don’t be surprised to find that prices are double or even triple of what those dishes cost on the street.

Thai Food Trends

As of now, Japanese, Korean, and fusion food are especially popular in Thailand. If you are craving these types of food, set course for malls or shopping complexes. On the street, expect Thai food, snacks, and sweets.

Don’t be surprised to see Thai young professionals and high school students alike snapping pictures of their meal before indulging. In this Instagram-driven age, it’s a trend to post photos of food on social media. Restaurant and shop owners have taken advantage of this by offering discounts and other perks when customers upload photos and tag their location, making use of the marketing opportunities.

Want to take in lots of Thai food culture in one go? There’s nowhere better to go than a night market! Whether it’s local Thai food, fusion food, or international food, you’ll see what’s in trend and enjoy delicious, affordable eats all at the same time!

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