Thailand is definitely a tropical country. There are beaches, warm sunny days, and coconuts galore. Whether you’re lying on a beach or exploring the capital city of Bangkok however, you’ll need to eat.

The country is probably most popular for its amazing cuisine. To truly appreciate it for what it is however, you should understand the four flavors of Thailand.

Although Thai food is often recognized as spicy, it is actually the particular flavor balance that makes it so delicious. Sweet, sour, salty, and spicy have a presence in every dish, whether it’s a stir fry, a curry, or even a noodle soup. There are lots of spices and fresh herbs involved, and you’ll definitely taste the presence of coconut in a dish or two.

If you ever find yourself in Bangkok, you can’t miss the street food. There are trucks, carts, and hole-in-the-wall food stalls all over the city, offering noodles, stir fried dishes, and even grilled meat on a skewer. Just take a walk around one of the sois and let your nose lead the way.

There are lots of dishes with unique names that you’ll want to take a picture of to send back home. A lot of these names do have a backstory, however. Boat noodles, for one, was traditionally served on boats floating down Bangkok’s canal system. Drunken noodles aren’t actually made with alcohol, but they were known as spicy dishes that required a couple glasses of beer to cool off.

Food is definitely all over the country, but if you want the best foodie experience, befriend a local. Not only will you learn a little bit more about the country and the culture, but you may get a food recommendation that is sure to impress. A local will help you steer clear of the tourist food traps and help you find the places that serve the real deal.

There are always amazing food opportunities all over the country, but honestly, nothing beats a home-cooked meal in a Thai household.

Fewer Thais have refrigerators than you’d think, thanks to food being so cheap and easily accessible. A lot of people in Bangkok also live in small apartments and find that they don’t have room for a fridge. This means that there’s often a daily trip out to the local market to grab a meal or to buy some ingredients to cook something up. This means that there will always be fresh ingredients in the table.

Most Thais leave their plates spotless after a meal. This is because a belief in Mae Pho Sop, the god of rice. She is said to get very angry when people leave rice behind after a meal and will cause bad luck to come upon you.

The last thing to keep in mind is that although there are lots of places selling fusion food or Thai food with a “farang flavor,” you won’t be getting the same experience without authentic Thai!

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