Whether you’ve been to Thailand, are from Thailand, or want to visit, everyone can agree that Thai food is a unique, delectable cuisine. Everyone is familiar with the famous Green Curry, Coconut Chicken Soup, and of course, Pad Thai. Maybe you enjoy the sweetness of Mango Sticky Rice. Whichever dish is your favorite, there’s no question that Thai food leaves a lasting impact on anyone who tries it. There is always something for everyone when it comes to Thai cuisine. If you love Thai food as much as we do, here are some fun facts that you might not have known before!

Taste Test!

It’s important to try new things and test out different types of dishes. Because there is such a huge variation in dishes based on location and types of foods, there are so many new discoveries you can make in Thailand. Be adventurous and check out the treats that street vendors are selling at a market. Try as many things as you can and surprise your tongue with all different types of flavors. Some things might look or smell weird, but it will definitely be worth the experience to try out something different.

Thais Do Not Use Ovens

Thai food is never traditionally baked. It’s all about woks, grill and frying pans! It’s incredibly rare to find a Thai household that owns an oven, unless they enjoy cooking European food or baking. There truly is no need for an oven when it comes to cooking Thai dishes.

Different Regions Have Different Dishes

Every region of Thailand has their own specific dishes that have been passed down through generations. Certain areas will have dishes that are unique to its location. If you love a Northern dish and have a sudden craving for it while you’re in Bangkok, you may have a hard time finding it in the city.

Vegan or Vegetarian

Most Thai food features meat in its dishes. However, there is a festival each year where many Thai people opt to be “jay,” or vegetarian for a time for spiritual cleansing, merit-making, and luck. This is a time when every shop in Thailand will sell vegetarian-friendly meals. Aside from this time, however, most traditional Thai food will involve some sort of meat.

Sugar Intake

Sugar is a common ingredient that will be in almost every Thai dish you eat. You may be consuming up to two spoonfuls of sugar in one dish! Thais will typically try to combine all the tastes into one dish, including sweet. Just watch your intake in case you are trying to cut back on the sugar.

Meals Aren’t About Timing

When you think of breakfast foods, you’re probably thinking about bacon, eggs, and pancakes! Thai people don’t really have a requirement when it comes to breakfasts. They could eat a spicy noodle dish for breakfast, and the same thing for dinner, too! There are some dishes that people enjoy eating more in the morning like porridge or pork skewers with sticky rice. There are also dishes that are more popular at night, which is when the vendors for these dishes come out. An example of a night meal is hot soymilk with some fried dough.

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