Everyone loves Thai food! It’s hot and flavorful. And while it is known for being spicy, Thai food is actually a perfect balance between different flavors. This balance is known as “Four Flavors”, that Thai people make a part of their meals. Thai food is a good combination of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. With these four flavors, Thai people can create a variety of dishes to put on the table.

Bangkok is famous for its flavorful street food, and eating out is part of the Thai culture. Because of all of the food diversity in this country, you can have fun making bets with your friends and choosing the shop that you think will have the most interesting dish. Options such as the “boat noodles” originated because it was served from canal venders.  Drunkard’s Noodles sounds like a noodle dish cooked with alcohol, but it is actually named in honor of its spiciness. You may want to order a pint or two of beer to douse the fire in your mouth!

Rice is a main part of the Thai diet; you will find it everywhere! There will be no shortage of rice and curry options to pick as a fast dish from food stalls everywhere on the street. The convenience of such vendors helps quite a lot when you’re in a rush.

While you enjoy amazing food in Thailand, you shouldn’t miss a chance to experience the culture and make friends with the locals.  Doing so is how you will be able to learn to learn more about “Thainess.” How else would you have the chance to experience the real Thai touch? Thai food is known worldwide for its complex flavor and aroma, but there’s nothing better than making a friend and being invited for a home-cooked meal. Don’t miss the real experience!

With that said, here are a few secrets about Thai food that you may be interested in learning:

Thai fish sauce is abundant

When walking on the street, chances are that you will catch a whiff of a strong fishy smell from restaurants that you pass. That smell is fish sauce! Thai people love their fish sauce, and they will add it in every dish. Fish sauce is basically the water extracted from the salting and fermentation of fish flesh. It is essentially used in the same way as salt or soy sauce. You might find it disgusting at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll understand why fish sauce is such an important part of Thai flavors.

Meals are usually served family-style

It isn’t only the spice, but the culture of Thai food that makes it unique. Thai people have a strong sense of living as a big family, meaning that they live less private lives, but they share more. When you eat at a Thai table, you can expect to share all of the dishes on the table, no matter how many people are present. Thai people do this because they believe that it is always better to have many guests at the table. According to the social nature of the Thai people, eating is a group activity. A lot of people even believe that eating alone is bad luck! Thai people’s love of food is important as it is an opportunity to socialize, which is why they eat all the time!

Cooking is surprisingly simple

What makes Thai food so special is how simple the cooking methods and appliances used are. This is why it isn’t uncommon to hear experts describe this spicy, flavorful Southeast Asian cuisine as “straightforward.” Their frying method, for instance, is extremely simple and doesn’t involve too much oil. The cooking techniques used in high-end Thai restaurants are still those easily employed by home cooks.

Fresh ingredients are always used

In the past, very few Thai people had refrigerators at home, which is why they made a daily trip to the local market to fill up their table. Thus, there are always lots of fresh and seasonal items that are a part of every meal. In fact, there is usually nothing from the shopping basket left unused!

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