Most Thai cuisine consists of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Thai dishes usually involve a lot of healthy spices and great tastes. If you are a huge fan of Thai food but want to make sure that you are still watching your cholesterol, there are some ways you can do that. Here are some tips to enjoy amazing Thai cuisine without adding too much cholesterol to your body:

Eat healthy appetizers

Thai cuisine has some amazing appetizers, most of which are fried with sugary dipping sauces, but there are definitely some healthy options available. Appetizers can also include fish, poultry, a variety of vegetables, and lean meats. An appetizer can also be a great way to fill your stomach with some smaller portions of healthy foods before a healthy meal.

Try out some hearty soups

Thai soups are always very vibrant in taste and will pack a full punch of flavor while also giving you healthy kick to your day. These hearty soups will often have lemongrass, lime leaves, cucumber, ginger, as well as other amazing herbs like ginger, cumin, and turmeric. The spices can give your soup a little kick and will definitely give your mouth an explosion of flavors that you will never forget. Thai soups are very vibrant, but a lot of recipes will call for coconut milk, which can be high in saturated fat. If you are eating out, you can try to avoid getting soups with this ingredient or ask them if they have low-fat coconut milk available or low-fat cows milk as a substitute.

Be health conscious with your meal choices

When you are selecting the main course on a Thai menu, you will want to consider your options. Thai cuisine usually consists of lean protein, vegetables, noodles, and fruit. You will want to be concern about the ingredients that are used in the dish you select because consuming them too often can lead to negative health effects.

Watch out for the ingredients of each dish

Many Thai dishes will use fish sauce which is high in sodium, so you want to make sure that you don’t consume way too much of it. Beef and pork are consumed quite a bit in Thailand because they are higher in saturated fats, you might be better off going for a chicken or a fish dish. As mentioned before, if a recipe calls for coconut milk, you will want to try to get low-fat coconut milk or to replace the ingredient completely.

Cut out the fat and skin

Thai people will leave the whole head on a fish and will display chickens with their full bodies and heads right outside their restaurants. You will want to try to order your food without the skin or fat on it. If your food does come with either of the two, try your best to put it aside. Cut off any fat you see on any meats and remove the skin off of any chicken pieces you get in your meal.

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