Thai food is known for its ability to have all the flavors in one meal. Thais are the masters of combining flavors into a delicious meal. True lovers of Thai cuisine know that each part of Thailand has slight differences in their meals. Some parts like their food somewhat spicy whereas others might like different meat more. Depending on what part of Thailand you’re in, just like the dialect and accent, you will taste a tinge of a difference in their dishes as well. Here is a little more about the differences in Thai dishes per region:

Food in central Thailand

The heart of Thailand is Bangkok, although it may not be the exact center of the country. This region draws in much attention with their regional influences and some local specialties. This region boasts the best jasmine rice and highly rated dishes like green curry, tom yum soup, and Haw Mok.

Coconut milk is a preferable ingredient in all these dishes. Chinese influence is also something that is widely obvious in this region. Soups, noodles, and many Thai staples can be found easily here. Most food here will be a little saltier than in other regions, but they still have the typical spicy, sour, and sweet combination. Central Thais also do not eat as spicy as other regions.

Northern Thai Food

You can find mostly bitter and sour foods in the North, especially in soups. The North’s neighboring countries influence these flavors, Laos and Myanmar Northerners will prefer glutinous rice over steamed and will eat with their hands more commonly than any other region of Thailand.

The most popular dish here is curry noodles with chicken leg and egg noodles as well as Thai papaya salad. Northerners will have a pretty high spice tolerance and love to eat assorted meals with different curries, chilis, and steamed vegetables with fried pork rinds. You can’t go wrong with a Northern Thai dish, as they are the most delicious.

Northeastern Thai food

White glutinous rice is also preferred here, and food is commonly roasted and grilled here for a savory taste. Spicy Thai papaya salad is a staple here. This region loves their fish and crab sauce. Northeasterners love spicy, pickled things. They never go easy on the garlic. Isaan is known for its grilled chicken recipe.

Isan food is known for the kick in their food and their spicy recipes. They have great soups and also a great papaya salad. As papaya salad is pretty famous in almost all the regions, it will be made to taste differently depending on the local preference.

Southern Food

The South is known for its magnificent seafood, rightfully. They are also known for the best yellow curry in the country. They have perfected the art of this curry. Southern Thais took influences from the Chinese, Malay, and Indian to create their unique, delicious dishes. The south knows how to make roti, so you must try both savory and sweet versions of these delightful treats. Southerners have the highest spice tolerance in Thailand.

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