Are you looking for new culinary experiences? If so, Thai cuisine is an excellent option to expand your palate if you have never tried it before. Thai food is popular all over the world for its aromatic smell and complex flavours.

Whether you like spicy, salty, sweet, or sour flavours, you will find at least one Thai dish to fall in love with. Doubt that one cuisine can change your life? Well, here are a few reasons why you should give Thai food a try:

It comprises of a wonderful mix of flavours

Most Thai dishes do not have just one single flavour in it. On the contrary, Thai food is known for having a good blend of four flavours: sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. When you have a bite of Thai salad, you will experience an explosion of all these flavours in your mouth. There’s no doubt that this is a salad like no other!

If you like a touch of sweetness in your food, you will love Thai green curry and Thai coconut soup. Some restaurants may add more chilli than usual, but you can ask them to reduce the spice level if you can’t handle the heat.

It offers a variety of choices

If you want to stay in shape while enjoying good food, Thai cuisine will not disappoint. There is no shortage of options when it comes to Thai salads with low-calorie dressing. Some Thai soups are healthy and chock full of vegetables. You will just have to avoid any soups that have coconut milk in it if you’re looking to minimize your caloric intake. If you want a flavorful lunch, pick up a stir fry with your own choice of meat. Don’t eat meat? Substitute it with tofu and more veggies!

It can be prepared quickly

Thai salad and soups take barely any time to make. You won’t have to wait for long until they are served on your table because the chefs can prepare these dishes in a short amount of time. There might be some meat that needs to be marinated, but most kitchens make that beforehand and keep it in the fridge. Cooking Thai food is all about seasoning and getting the right amount of sauce to create a flavorful dish in a short time.

It involves minimal or no dairy

If you are lactose intolerant, there is no need to worry when eating Thai food. Most recipes do not contain dairy products. Cream and butter are rarely used in Thai cuisine. Rather, herbs and vegetables are used to yield a distinctive smell and flavour. If you order a curry and find it creamy, that is because they use coconut milk, not heavy cream. Coconut milk is a brilliant option to give a dish some creaminess and a thick texture.

It integrates raw herbs and vegetables

Not only are herbs and veggies cooked in Thai dishes, but they can also be eaten raw along with the main course. Some people eat it just like that. Alternatively, you can have it with some Nam Phrik for a little bit more flavour.

It provides an abundance of nutrition

As we mentioned above, you will get to eat many delicious veggies in many Thai dishes. Even people who hate chewing on greens will love Thai food because the flavour of the vegetables will be enhanced with the unique cooking technique.

You will also get plenty of nutrition from herbs such as lemongrass, turmeric, coriander roots, garlic, and peppercorn. These herbs are all blended and mixed in various Thai dishes without you having to eat them directly. It is guaranteed that you will stay fit and healthy by eating Thai food.

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