Traveling can be the adventure of a lifetime.

There are so many fantastic things about traveling — getting to visit new places and embracing its grandeur; meeting new tourist faces and mingling with the locals; going on new adventures and gaining new experiences; and of course, tasting local cuisine and eating something absolutely new to your taste buds!

But let’s talk about eating while traveling.

What if you are a picky eater? What if you are a bit wary of what food to eat while you are on the road in a faraway land? What if you want to try the local cuisine but can’t stomach foreign food alien to your taste buds?

Since eating the local food is part of the traveling experience, being a fussy eater might halt you from ticking off the marks on your bucket list concerning food experiences. Worry no more! We’ve got just the tips for how you should eat when traveling. Here’s a piece of advice from one picky eater to another:

Do a Little Research Beforehand

To ensure that you will survive for the next few days by giving in to your basic oral needs – that is, to eat – do a little research prior to traveling. This entails checking out the dining options in the locality where you will be heading. Take note of a list of restaurants in the vicinity, check their menu and what type of food they serve, and if the food seems rather foreign, try to seek for food alternatives that are closer to what you regularly consume.

The best way to do this is by checking out the food options online. Alternatively, you can ask any relatives or friends who have been to the place you’re going for suggestions and recommendations. It’s better to be prepared rather than sorry – or worse, hungry all throughout the journey.

Try the Staple in Each Country

To make the experience memorable, it’s a good idea try one major staple in every country you visit.

The food you might want to devour ought to be the locality’s main staple, the local food specialty or any gastronomical treat that will make your trip truly worthwhile.

After all, traveling is all about immersing yourself in the culture of the place you’re visiting and the food is tantamount to savoring the uniqueness of the locality and experiencing its culture.

Start With Small Amounts

It’s nice to try something new or to eat something different from the usual, particularly when traveling.

You may want to try something exotic to your taste that is a known staple in the locality. You will discover how food varies with each and every country. You’ll learn that some countries dig in for spicy food, drool over raw meat or crustaceans, go crazy over pasta, burger or fries, enjoy refreshing vegetable or fruit salad, and more! It’s all part of the experience.

Of course, you need not stuff a mouthful of food into your mouth and force it through your esophagus. Start with a small bite. Try a little and if you love it, eat more. If you don’t, then move on to the next staple. After all, there is no harm in trying!

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Finally, don’t be hard on yourself as a picky eater. You can always compromise. Try a little of what the locality has to offer. Eat what you can. Savor the experience and have the time of your life!


If all things fail, you can always pack up your food and bring it with you while traveling. You don’t have to starve yourself at all. Bringing along food that you’re familiar with will keep you sane over the next few days or so.


But more than anything else, eat to your heart’s content while enjoying your trip to the fullest!