Aside from the hectic nightlife and wonderful natural resources, Thailand is known for one more thing—its delicious food! There’s no denying that Thai cuisine has had a significant impact on the culinary world as a whole, and it’s not hard to see why. The combination of bold flavors, intense aromas, and masterful cooking techniques truly makes Thai dishes world-class.

If you’re coming to Thailand, here are seven dishes that you must definitely try:

Pad See Eiw

Pad see eiw or soy sauce stir-fry is popular among locals and tourists alike. It may seem simple to prepare, but it takes years of practice and understanding to do so the right way. When cooked correctly, the noodles absorb the charred aroma of the wok and the greens will remain fresh and crunchy. It’s typically served with a seasoning basket containing chili flakes, fish sauce, sugar, and vinegar. If the taste isn’t to your liking, you can season it however you like.

Kluay Tod

If you’re looking for an alternative to your standard potato chips, kluay tod or fried banana is what you need. This crispy, crunchy and slightly sweet snack is the Thai equivalent to Doritos or Lays—it’s that addictive! When you bite into one, its crunchy outer layer gives way to a creamy and center filled with fruity goodness. Believe us, you won’t be able to stop after the first bite!

Pad Kra Pao

If you ask people what the staple dish of Thai cuisine is, most will instantly say it’s pad thai or tom yum koong, but it’s actually pad kra pao. This simple stir-fry dish with Thai basil sustained hungry Thai people for over a century, so that’s how you know it’s good! They stir fry the beef, chicken, or pork with fish sauce, fresh chili, garlic, oyster sauce, and soy sauce until it’s golden brown. Once the meat is cooked, they will sprinkle basil on top and pour the whole thing on rice. If you want to make the dish even better, ask for a runny fried egg and you’ll have a delightful meal!

Som Tam

A staple dish from the Isarn region of Thailand, som tam is the absolute favorite of many Thai people. You may know it as papaya salad, but nobody calls it that in Thailand. This dish is very simple to make, but the secret lies in the seasoning, as that’s what gives it flavor. If you’re not one for spicy food, you can ask for “ped noi.” It will be made less spicy, and that should make it retain the authentic flavor of the dish without making it hard for you to eat. If you’re adventurous, you may want to try som tam poo plara or som tam with fermented fish and crab. Its pungent smell is what makes most Thai people love it so much, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

Khao Kha Moo

Khao kha moo or braised pork with rice is a dish that you will find on every street, as it can be delivered to your table in seconds. The sweet and salty flavor of the dark sauce goes well with the fatty and soft texture of the braised pork. It’s typically served with chili, fresh garlic, sour cabbage, and a hard-boiled egg. That’s a complete lunch for most Thai people.

Kai Jeow

Kai jeow or Thai omelet is a dish you will see everywhere in Thailand. It has many variations, as Thai people use different ingredients in making it, including carrots, crab meat, minced pork, onions, and shrimp. The salty and creamy texture of this dish goes perfectly with warm rice.

Sai Owuah

If you like sausages, you’ll be glad to hear that Thailand has a fair share of them. Sai owuah is a type of herbal sausage found in the northern part of Thailand and it’s to die for. The pork is marinated with a number of herbs and spices, giving it a unique aroma that you can’t find in other types of sausages.

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