Thai food is rarely focused on pork dishes. In Phuket, for instance, the highlight is seafood. Pork is usually prepared with beef or chicken. However, if you like pork, there are Thai dishes that best use pork for a delightful experience. Here are some Thai pork dishes that you must try:

Fried basil and pork

Pad Krapow Moo Saap or fried basil and pork is a popular one-plate lunch or dinner dish. It’s quite rare because Thai foods are always served in family or sharing size. This is a stir-fry dish made of mixed minced pork, basil, chilies, and green beans, flavored with soy sauce and sugar. It is often topped with a sunny side up egg.

Thai grilled pork skewers

Moo Ping or grilled pork skewer is popular street food in Thailand, which you can often find them in the mornings. The pork is marinated with coriander root, garlic, fish sauce, soy sauce, and oyster sauce. The pork is then grilled and brushed with coconut milk while grilling. Moo Ping is often served with a bag of rice.

Pork belly stew

Moo Hong or pork belly stew showcases Thailand’s unique blend of flavors that make its foods famous. If you’re looking for comfort food, Moo Hong is your choice. It is made of braised pork chunks with a sweet paste of garlic, coriander root, black peppercorn, and coconut sugar. It is then stewed slowly with soy sauce, oyster sauce, and star anise.

Braised pork and egg

Moo Palo or braised pork and egg is a classic Thai dish that originated from China. Like Moo Hong, Moo Palo is cooked by braising the pork with garlic, coriander root, and black pepper. It is then simmered in a sweet sauce of cinnamon, star anise, cumin, coriander seed, and Sichuan pepper, plus hard-boiled eggs. The five Chinese spices and eggs add flavor and texture to the dish.

Deep-fried dried pork

Moo Dad Deaw or deep-fried dried pork is traditionally made by drying the pork under the sun to preserve the pork. It is often called Thai jerky, and it is a delicious snack and appetizer rather than a meal. The pork strips are first marinated in sweet and salty sauces made of coriander root, garlic, and sesame seeds. They can be eaten plain or served with dip sauces and some crisp vegetables, such as cabbage, cucumber, and green beans.

In summary

Thai food is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. They always include lots of vegetables and a unique mix of flavors. Although many Thai foods use seafood, beef, or chicken, pork lovers should not fret because there are standouts Thai dishes that can only be made with pork.

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