Food is a way of life, and enjoying a genuine Thai food experience requires knowing the proper way of eating it. Although Thai food is known to many parts of the world, the method of eating it can be confusing for many people. 

Because it is from Asia, many would expect using chopsticks, while restaurants in other countries usually serve them with the utensils they are comfortable with using. Here are the things you need to know about the basics of properly eating Thai food:

The right utensils

Instead of chopsticks, Thai food is often eaten using a spoon and fork. A knife is rarely necessary because meats are chopped into bite-size or tender enough to be removed from a bone using the edge of the spoon. The fork is used to guide the food into the spoon, and the spoon is used to get the food into your mouth.

There are times when chopsticks are necessary, such as when you are eating noodles. Then a Chinese soup spoon is used for the broth. There are also foods that you can only eat properly and enjoy the most using your bare hands.


A Thai restaurant table will normally include four condiments—dried chili flakes, fish sauce, sugar, and white vinegar with fresh chilies. The fish sauce acts like a liquid version of the salt, and chilies are always popular to add spiciness in your food that makes them more appetizing.

Eating etiquette

When eating in the Thai-style, food can normally lodge in your teeth, so using toothpicks to remove them is common. However, when you do it, cover your mouth as you try to remove the debris. Also, spicy foods can make your nose run a little but don’t blow your nose noisily. Deal with them discretely.

Meal ordering

Don’t go blowing your head off with all-spicy foods. Thai food is about a balance of flavors. So when you order food, there’s an unwritten law of having something spicy, sweet, sour, soupy, veggie, and meaty. Thai food is also served in sharing sizes because foods are meant to be enjoyed with the company of friends and family.

To sum it up

Thai foods are normally eaten using a spoon and fork, although some foods may call for chopsticks and a Chinese soup spoon, or even getting your hands dirty. Thai foods are also rarely ordered in solo serving because they are usually best shared with family and friends, so if you have to eat alone, you can expect large servings. One of the best ways to enjoy Thai meals is to have a balance of different flavors. Order dishes that will give you something sweet, spicy, sour, sweet, and salty. Don’t forget to practice proper etiquettes as well, especially when eating in a restaurant.

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