Thai cuisine is among the best in the world. If you’re visiting Phuket, Thailand, for the first time, you must drop by one of its finest restaurants. 

You and your family members ought to try the local food, such as Pad Thai, Som Tam, Guay Teow, Tom Yum Goong, and Tom Kha Gai, among many others. You’ll be surprised at the mixture of ingredients served on your plate and the many flavors it contains.

Some Thai cuisines may seem unique or unfamiliar to your tastebuds. You’ll surely love to explore the unique flavors and give in to some gastronomical treats for the first time. However, this may be a problem for your kids. Chances are they’ll want something familiar or won’t manage to endure the taste of the spicy Thai cuisines.

How do you get your kids to try the new flavors and great dishes? We’ll provide you with some tips and tricks on how to get your kids to try Thai dishes. Keep on reading to find out how:


Having dinner in a big group 

Your kids will surely love to explore the sights and sounds of Phuket. Furthermore, it’s about being out of their comfort zone and crossing uncharted territory. Trying exotic and unfamiliar dishes in Thailand should be part of the exploration as well. What better way to proceed than to have dinner in a big group? 

The thing is that children are easily influenced. In a controlled environment in a particular Thai restaurant, you can influence your kids to try new foods. Get everyone to try the dish for the first time to have fun and excitement for the whole family!


Having fun and games 

If influencing your child is difficult, try to have some fun games. It is said that the best way to learn is to have fun, and this also applies to explore new flavor and tastes. The food itself can already be overwhelming and challenging for your kids. Making it fun can ease the worry that comes along with trying something new.  

Also, did you know that some restaurants may have Thai cooking classes or kids’ clubs? These may allow your kids to get involved in the more creative side of the cuisine, such as fruit carving. In the end, they’ll learn to appreciate Thai dishes more and may even begin to love their tastes.


Thai Flavors to Savor for Kids

If you’re clueless as to what your kids are supposed to eat, there are several Thai dishes that they can try and eat. Such as: 

  • Fried Rice: This is available in almost every restaurant in Phuket. Thai fried rice is usually packed with veggies and coupled with soft ribbons of protein-filled eggs, stir-fried into the mix. The taste of it will most likely be satisfactory for your kids.
  • Fruit Smoothies: They are everywhere in Thailand. They’re cool and refreshing packed with vitamins, and your children will surely love smoothies. However, let them discover new tropical fruits they’ve probably never tasted at home.
  • Sticky Rice: This allows the kids to play with their food. Break off a small chunk of the sticky rice, roll it into a little ball, and pop it into your mouth. That’s how they’re supposed to do it. What a great way for kids to enjoy their food.
  • Seafood: This is a must-try, as it is a significant part of Thai food in Phuket. Sure, getting the meat in seafood out can be a little fiddly. However, it is also precisely the sort of messy fun that kids will enjoy. 


Last words 

Getting your kids to try Thai food can be a challenge. The tactics mentioned above will work, and the dishes will allow your kids to enjoy the taste and flavor. So what are your kids waiting for? Prepare for some sumptuous gastronomical Thai treats of a lifetime!

If you’re looking to eat at one of the best restaurants in Bangkok, get in touch with us today to book your table!