Thai cuisine is known as one of the best in the world for its many ingredients and mixed flavors. It is for this reason that Thai dishes are unique and flavorful. 

When it comes to salads, most people from other parts of the world imagine fruits and veggies mixed together in a bowl, dripped with lemon sauce or creamy dressing. 

When it comes to Thai Salads, however, you’ll be surprised how they completely redefine the term ‘salad’ and modify it with lots of other ingredients. Keep reading to explore eight Thai salads that you must try when you visit Thailand.

Yum Ruam Mit Talay

Have you ever imagined seafood and veggies rolled together? For this reason, Yum Ruam Mit Talay tops the list. It is a mixed seafood salad with tomato, Thai celery, and spring onion, not forgetting the lime chili dressing to spice up the taste! Seafood includes squid, prawns, and sliced and blanched jelly mushroom.

Som Tum Goong Sod

The next on the list is Som Tum Goong Sod. Many people are familiar with the Thai green papaya salad. This dish consists of green papaya salad with prawn, green beans, carrots, chili, garlic, and peanuts. On top of that, they add lime dressing to augment its overall taste and flavor!

Goong Yang Yum Ma Muang

Another salad on the list is Goong Yang Yum Ma Muang. Apart from papaya, green mango is the way to go for your salad. This dish consists of grilled prawn salad with green mango and coriander leaves. Adding to the flavor is the Thai dressing.

Lab Ped Yang

Lab Ped Yang is another dish that’s worth a try. Roasted duck is favored by many, and this dish is a roasted duck salad with rice crispy, Thai herbs, fried onion, mint leaves, and lime.

Pla Samun Prai

Pla Samun Prai cannot be missed out with its fried fish salad, mixed with lemongrass, ginger, onion, and Thai chili paste dressing.

Mango Tossed Green Salad with Basil Dressing

Mango tossed green salad, with basil dressing, is a fat-free salad that is utterly delicious with its light and flavorful texture. Don’t worry about the ripeness of mango anywhere from semi-ripe to fully ripe. For all you know, the mangoes can further spruce up the taste!

Yam Tua Poo (Winged Bean Salad)

Yam Tua Poo or Winged Bean salad isn’t made in a lime juice, sugar or fish sauce, like most Thai Salad. Instead, this salad has cooked, and diced beans with the shrimp combined in a creamy peanut sauce and well-rounded, small slices of boiled eggs!

Papaya Salad with Prawns & Garden Greens

Last on the list is the amazing fresh papaya salad combined with prawns and garden greens. Go for this if you’re tired of having the same boring salads every day. This one works as a complete meal for avid appetizers, as it’s a low-fat and energy-builder palate. This is also a salad scrumptious for health enthusiasts!

At this point, you must be drooling over the list of Thai salads provided. If you are off to visit Thailand on your next holiday vacation, give these salads a try. It will be worth the experience and taste. Apart from the amazing beaches, unique culture, and hospitable people, food is something not to be missed out – Thai salads included!

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