Thai food can be found around the world in Thai (and even non-Thai) restaurants showcasing Thailand’s famous dishes. If you love them, that’s great! However, there are still some dishes that remain exclusive to the country itself, meaning that you will have to visit Thailand to taste everything that they have to offer. 

In this article, we’ll share with you six food items that can only be found in Thailand.

1. Aitim

This is the way the Thai people pronounce ice-cream. However, they do have their way of making “aitim.” By mixing coconut milk and another ingredient, such as durian, taro, or corn, and mixing with “Lod Chong,” they create an ice cream that is truly unique, not to mention incredibly delicious. 

2. Poo Nim Thod

This Thai delicacy can really cast a shadow of doubt and fear on first-time eaters. It looks like a spider that’s just fried up, but it actually is a crab. Simply dig in with no fear, and thank us later for just how delicious it really was. Don’t worry about the crab’s shell either, as it is edible. 

3. Phad Kraphao

This is one of if not the most surprisingly delicious food you’ll ever get to taste in Thailand. It is stir-fried holy basil that can be mixed with almost any kind of meat. After taking a bite, you might be wondering why this isn’t more accessible around the world! 

4. Phak Bung Thod

Have you ever heard of swamp cabbage? While the name may not sound like the most delicious vegetable in the world, it actually is extremely tasty. The Thais mix this wonderful vegetable with oyster sauce, chilies, and all kinds of other seasonings that make it one of the most loved dishes in Thailand.

5. Kluay Ping or Kluay Thod

The Thais have all kinds of uses for bananas. One of the most popular ways is having them dipped in a batter and fried (kluay thot). They can also be simply peeled and grilled (kluay ping). You’ll find this delicacy in many food stalls and restaurants, and it is guaranteed to make your mouth water. Not only are they tasty, but they are cheap, so you can buy plenty to enjoy! 

6. Yam Pla Doo Fu

It is a favorite dish among the royalties, which is now accessible to everyone. It is a mix of minced catfish that’s fried crispy and mixed with the Thai version of salad (usually green papaya and other ingredients). Before you take a bite out of this, be ready for the explosion of flavors.

Salty, sour, sweet, nutty, bitter, spicy—the Thais have them all! From deserts to savory dishes, their mix of ingredients will truly wow your tastebuds, leaving you craving for more and more. Although Thai restaurants around the world serve some of the most famous Thai dishes, they may sometimes not seem authentic enough. If you want the best of the best, we highly recommend you to spend a few holidays here in the beautiful country. All the best, and enjoy your food!

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