Brunch–the combination of breakfast and lunch–has gotten a lot of good press lately. People who enjoy going out and trying new restaurants love indulging in this near-midday meal. 

This meal originated in 19th century England and was a way for people to connect after Sunday services. Because it takes the place of two meals, brunch is often a time to serve more luxurious, richly-prepared dishes. But if you’re not yet sold on booking a brunch date, read on for five reasons that might make you change your mind.

It is the perfect morning hour to meet people

If you’re meeting someone in the morning, brunch is the perfect time to do so. Because it is traditionally held between 10 A.M. and 2 P.M., it is convenient for most people. By the time brunch hours roll around, everyone is awake. It takes the comfort food of breakfast and puts it at a more socially-acceptable time to meet.

And because brunch is late in the morning, you can even extend all the way to afternoon coffee or tea. It’s overall a good backdrop for a long catching up session with friends.

The dress code is a little more relaxed

When you have brunch, you’re not expected to be dressy, but you can play your style up a little. Whether you’re a sweater-and-jeans kind of person, or a sundress-and-hat one, you can wear whatever to a brunch date and no one will bat an eyelash. If you wear a t-shirt to dinner, however, it can appear a little underdressed. So if you’re looking for a casual way to meet up, brunch is a good time.

Fusion is the order of the day

The name itself, brunch, suggests combinations. Chicken with waffles is a brunch staple, and as is eggs benedict. You may even have sweet and savory choices like french toast with mixed berries. 

Also, brunch is very much open to interpretation–you can find fusion cuisine in a lot of brunch menus. A lot of foodies like brunch because it is a way to sample a variety of dishes all at once. If you’re craving pancakes and shashouka, you can order that at the same time, and it will be just fine.

All-day brunch places are a thing

You can start brunch at practically any hour of the day. Some restaurants have brunch hours, but there are others that have them for the entire day. These places would usually open the brunch menu as early as 7 A.M., and have it available until late afternoon. This is convenient for when you sleep in and realize that you have woken up way past the start of brunch hours!

The drinks are an entire journey of their own

Brunch drinks are as diverse as the meals. Whether you’re craving for a strong cup of coffee, or want to indulge in a thick, creamy shake, brunch is the hour for it. What’s more is, the same principles in fusion apply to drinks.

In Conclusion 

Whether you’re a new foodie or a seasoned veteran, brunch is one of those meals that you’ve had and enjoyed at least once. The combination of cuisines and types of dishes is an adventure many food lovers appreciate. Just make sure to book your meal at a place that serves a good brunch menu.

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