Here’s the deal about fusion food: whether you’re a fan of the idea or not, the trend is here to stay.

In fact, it’s not really a trend at all. Many of our beloved dishes today were born from the intermingling of different cuisines. Take classic fish & chips, for instance. Believe it or not, this English staple marries ingredients and cooking techniques from Belgium, France, as well as the Jewish community.

We can even go as far as saying that some national cuisines—particularly those from countries with a colonial past—are comprised entirely of fusion foods.

With this being the case, however, one might ask: “What gives fusion food such longevity?” The answer is rather complex, but we’ll try to break things down below. Here, we’ll explore why fusion food is so popular and why—regardless of how you feel about it—it’s here to stay.

1. It can inspire new foodie creations

Fusion food is all about drawing inspiration from other cuisines to create new and exciting flavors. Dishes that you might not have never thought of putting together—we’re looking at you sushi pizza—could become an instant hit with diners and become the inspiration for countless other dishes.

However, fusion food needn’t always be so shocking. Sometimes, it can be subtle and just as impactful. Take pasta, for example. While we often associate the dish with Italian origins, the idea of stretching dough into long strands was actually a Chinese invention. That’s right—what we all love as pasta today is actually a product of culinary fusion!

2. It brings people together

Enjoying food is inherently communal in that it has the ability to bring individuals and groups together. When you apply this idea on a global scale, the phenomenon becomes even more powerful. Entire cuisines can fuse together to produce dishes that have roots in different countries.

What this means is that people—regardless of where they come from—will be able to find familiarity and comfort in fusion food. If you ever find yourself away from home in unfamiliar territory, why not try some local fusion food based on dishes from your part of the world? You’ll be able to get a satisfying taste of home—albeit a slightly different one—and you might even meet others who were looking to do the same.

3. It pushes cuisine forward

Fusion food can also be a way for people to be exposed to new ideas in terms of how they cook and what they eat. It’s not always easy to find inspiration these days, but one area of the culinary world that’s sure to have a few surprises in store is in fusion.

This doesn’t just apply to chefs who are looking for fresh ideas for a signature dish. The average person will also have much to gain from learning about new ingredients and cooking methods. When these things happen—and they usually do—novel ways of eating and cooking are bound to be discovered.


As you can see, fusion food is more than just cronuts and pizza tacos. It’s an integral part of the culinary scene and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Our advice? Embrace it with open arms and prepare to be surprised by what you may find.

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