So, you’re having more than a few cocktails with your crew while the sun is still high in the sky. Take a look around and there’ll probably be a few judgmental gazes coming your way. Our advice? Don’t pay them any mind. They’re probably just a little jealous, and for good reason, too.

You see, day drinking gets a pretty bad rap with crowds—but that’s because they just don’t know why it’s such a good idea in the first place! We’ll outline five reasons why you shouldn’t be ashamed about day drinking in the sections below, so keep those drinks coming!

There are fewer people at the bar

If you like the idea of alcohol but hate crowds, day drinking is the perfect solution for you! You won’t have to compete for the bartender’s attention and they’ll be able to give better service to you and your group. It also means that the chances of running into anyone you don’t like are much lower. 

You get to enjoy your evening after

The great thing about day drinking is that once the party ends, you’ll still have enough time and energy to enjoy the rest of your day. You’d have already taken care of your social needs by then, allowing you to have a peaceful evening where you can do anything you want to.

You don’t get that chance when you drink at night as you’ll probably come home in a drunken stupor and simply pass out on the couch.

It upends your weekly routine

Day drinking also lets you shake up your routine or break free from it entirely. You’re probably spending your weekdays trudging through the office, and if you’re lucky, get to enjoy a bottle or two at night. When you day drink, you veer completely away from the daily grind and effectively hit the refresh button.

You avoid that ghastly hangover

Here’s the main issue we have about drinking at night: you almost always end up sleeping things off, which means a killer hangover is bound to greet you the next day. You could, in theory, handle the situation by drinking enough fluids and maybe having a bite of food before going to bed. But seriously, who has time for that at two in the morning?

With day drinking, you don’t run into the same problem, as you have enough time to take preventative measures to guarantee that you’ll wake up feeling great.

It saves you money

If you time your day drinking perfectly, you can line it up so that you and your crew are at the bar during happy hour. You probably won’t get the opportunity to take full advantage of those deals any other way.


There you have it—five impossible-to-argue-with reasons that make day drinking a fantastic idea. As always, remember to practice moderation so that everyone with you has a good time.

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