When a platter full of happiness is served after a hectic day at work, it just takes you to another world of calm and peace. With every bite of our mouth-watering pasta and noodle varieties, you will only think about the wise decision you made of coming to Indulge Restaurant – the best restaurant in Bangkok. So come, let’s take you through some of the pasta dishes from our menu that will totally blow your mind.

CARBONARA– Created in the middle of 20th century, this Italian dish has always triumphed in touching millions of hearts. It is made with pancetta, cheese, eggs, bacon, black pepper and our chef’s culinary skills. Just the perfect source to ditch your hunger pangs!

À CREAMY TRUFFLE MUSHROOM– A wild mushroom delicacy with truffle paste in creamy sauce topped with parmesan cheese. The taste of this Creamy Truffle Mushroom prepared by our master chefs will totally melt your heart.

BOLOGNESE – Having its origin in Bologna, this dish found its way to the world and to everyone’s heart as well. Combination of minced meat and vegetables dripping in red wine and flavorful tomato sauce already makes our mouth water. How about you?

PESTO & CHORIZO– Isn’t pasta the perfect go-to dish? It never fails to satiate our hunger and moreover, it works well with every mood. When it comes to Pesto & Chorizo, everything else fails. What actually adds the cherry on the top of this dish is that you can give it your personalized touch by asking our chefs to add shrimps to the dish.

PAD THAI WITH PRAWNS– Enter the dreamy world of rice noodles stir-fried with eggs in tamarind sauce, along with additions of bean sprouts and roasted peanuts. If you’re a vegetarian then going eggless is also an option for you!

CHILLI GARLIC PRAWN ANGEL HAIR– Let’s spice up your mood with this sumptuous and succulent Chilli Garlic Prawn Angel Hair dish. The aroma of garlic and seasonings wrapped in it along with a splurge of stir-fried angel hair and tiger prawns are totally worth a try!