Brunch and day drinking are two ideas that go perfectly hand-in-hand. One provides an excellent opportunity for us to have our favorite breakfast foods at any time of the day. The other makes having a sip of alcohol when the sun is out more socially acceptable.

Together, they make for an amazing time that brings people together with good food and drinks, and it’s definitely one of our favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning (and afternoon).

Imagine starting off your day with a feast you can share with your loved ones while enjoying a few drinks to liven up the mood. The best part is that you’ll still have enough time and energy to enjoy the rest of your day after the festivities are over.

However, there are a few things you have to keep in mind to be able to make the most out of such a rare occasion. Just kidding—it’s not really a rare event, but you shouldn’t waste the chance to make it as good as it can be regardless.

In this article, we’ll talk about what those considerations are. Here are a few things to remember whenever you go to a brunch gathering where day drinking is to be expected.

Mind your food choices –

You might be tempted to tackle the entire brunch spread, but since you’ll be drinking, you need to watch what you eat to avoid overstuffing yourself to potentially disastrous results. Make smart food choices that will leave your belly with plenty of room to enjoy a few glasses.

That means you want to prioritize carbs and good fats to ready your metabolism for the alcohol. Carbs will help settle your stomach and neutralize high levels of acidity so that the extra acid found in alcohol doesn’t become a problem later on. Fats, on the other hand, effectively line your stomach so that you don’t get too inebriated right away.

Don’t forget about protein, though. Any meal should feature a good amount of protein, but since we’re doing brunch, a tasty omelet might just be a perfect choice. Finally, remember that different types of alcohol can be paired with different dishes. Opt for lighter wines, cocktails, and beers that go well with most brunch menus.

Be careful with the hard stuff –

Try to avoid drinking too hard—you don’t want to get too drunk, pass out, and waste an entire day just sleeping it off. Instead, limit your drink choices in terms of the type of alcohol.

Hard liquors like whiskey and tequila aren’t really the best choices, but if you insist on those, try to offer them as part of a cocktail instead. Be careful, however, as cocktails can easily hide the potency of even the highest-proof spirits.

Again, you want to stick to the lighter drinks like wine and beer. All of these options come in endless variety, making it easy for you to pair them with the food offerings.

Conclusion –

Apart from these tips, enjoying a brunch gathering with day drinking should come naturally. Seriously, how hard can it be to have a good time when alcohol is involved? Mingle with your friends, share a delicious meal together, and perhaps even plan the next brunch party.

Finally, make sure you show your gratitude to the host for organizing such a grand occasion. If that person is you then give yourself a hand, and perhaps another drink you definitely deserve it.

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