Indulge- Apt for an exclusive experience

Sukhumvit Road is world famous for the best Thai restaurants, advanced shopping malls and lively bars in the world. In simple words, Sukhumvit road is the heart of the city. In fact, some people see the area as a foodie heaven, as it includes Japanese, Indian and Korean food, as well as the most famous Thai and Seafood. And for the Thai and Sea food with International twist and culinary skills, there is only one restaurant that is immensely popular that is, Indulge Restaurant. This restaurant is famed for initiating the concept of fine dining Thai cuisines in the city, here you can also find gluten free food made from absolutely best ingredients but presented with the flair of international taste.

Blend of perfection-

Located near Sukhumvit road, Indulge Restaurant is an exciting blend of modern Thai cuisines, baked with fresh local ingredients, expertly paired wines and cocktails, and high quality coffee. The variety and in inventiveness of the dishes at Indulge will impress every diners. The atmosphere provided by the restaurant is very relaxed and friendly, perfect for a romantic dinner or with a large group of friends. The passion at Indulge restaurant is evident and brings a certain charm to the place. There are several seating options available including the open bar and circular tables which can be booked for the large group and if you want to enjoy your meal close to the nature, there is also outside place that is specially designed, where you can sit and overlook at the gardens. Here, cooking is done by the experts, professionally qualified, experienced and famous Chefs that will amaze you with their culinary magic techniques. The dishes are elaborated both in presentation and taste and each bite is a pleasant gustative experience with a mix of textures, flavor and spices.

Gluten free food in our menu-

The menu starts with the selection of bites that make the perfect accompaniment with the tasty and strong cocktails. Whether your choice of lunch is sea food or for dinner you are looking for Thai food or you want to grab a couple of exclusive signature drinks with your friends, this place will surely be a heaven for you. And the menu is also specially designed for the people who are in search of gluten free food. As if you are searching for gluten free delicious food that your kids, then worry not, Indulge Sukhumvit Restaurant presents you the tasty and yummy dishes that your kids will love to eat, like the toothsome chocolate chic banana mini muffins that is healthy and tasty, or the delicious hummus burger that your kid will love to eat, or the cherry chocolate chip ice cream that is fresh as well as mouth-watering. And if you are looking for gluten free food for yourself, then don’t be worried, this restaurant Chefs will take care of that as well. They will serve you tempting gluten free dishes that will love to eat more and more, for example starting with salad, they will serve you the appetizing honey-spices salmon with the sapid quinoa salad, or the divine spring vegetable soup that is served with roasted shrimp and white beans. And you will definitely relish the lasagna that is stuffed with spaghetti squash, or the juicy coconut curry chicken and chickpeas. And if you want to eat delicious Thai desert that should be gluten free opt for the tempting Thai coconut pudding cake or the beautiful sticky rice layered cake.

The exquisite Thai cuisines at Indulge Restaurant are certainly worthy of any occasion, and it’s truly a great place to enjoy an evening in great company.