What if you were offered dishes from different regions at one place with a pinch of our chef’s creativity? Indulge Restaurant is fusion and multi cuisine restaurant in Bangkok that not only serves exquisite range of dishes but also gives you a blast of experimented taste in the existing dishes.

Apart from the taste, our presentation of the dishes completely blows away the parameters on which the dishes are judged, as they are simply that good. Well, probably we shouldn’t boast about it and let you only give your verdict.

For your convenience, we are listing a few dishes here to help you with the selection amongst plethora of available cuisine at Indulge Restaurant in Sukhumvit:

Tempura- Portuguese dish

Tempura dish consists of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep-fried. These cooked bits are eaten with dipping sauce or assembled with other dishes. We usually serve it with sauces and freshly cut salad.

Mì Quảng -Vietnamese noodle

It is a popular lunch item in Vietnam, which is prepared with particular type of rice noodles in which either of these following ingredients are also added: shrimp, pork or chicken and loads of vegetables.

Capellini – Italian Pasta

Capellini literally means “little hair” but it is also a kind of very thin Italian pasta served with Prawns and spiced up using red chili and other condiments.

Rinderbraten – German

It is a dish of German origin, which means “beef roast”. It is made from a large round of beef, stuffed with pork fat served with sauces and spiced with salt, red pepper, brown sugar and cloves.

Tom Kha Kai –Thai

Tom Kha Kai or Thai coconut soup is a specially made hot and sour soup with coconut milk, lemongrass, mushrooms, fish sauce, limejuice, chicken and sometime with the addition of fried chillies. Commonly it is also known with names such as chicken coconut soup and galangal soup.

Hangover Cure- Australian

Rib eye steak, grilled peppers and onions served with some veggies and fries that give the dish a whole Australian touch. The Hangover Cure dish is one that would set your mood just right and give your taste buds the cure it needs.