You’ve invited the guests and chilled the beverages. However, the party is still incomplete without delicious food. While you share some laughs and light moments with your friends, it’s your responsibility as a host to keep them nourished with easy-to-eat finger foods. Here are nine delectable Thai foods that must be in your party platter to satisfy your guest’s hunger:


Chicken Satay

Savor the grilled and marinated chicken on a skewer that is served with appetizing peanut sauce dip. Non-vegetarian can’t get enough of this savory treat, and you can also use the same recipe on fish, beef, mutton, and other meats.


Spring Rolls

You must prepare something for vegetarians as well. Vegetable spring rolls are wrapped in fried thin pastry and cooked depending on the region’s preference. The rolls are served with sweet chili dip to add more taste to the vegetables.


Crispy Thai Ribs

This is a must-serve dish if you want to impress your guests on Thai food. Flavorful in every bite, this sensational treat can be found in every great Thai restaurant. Serve it with a dip to make them come back for more.


Pla Rad Prik

Mad over fish? Then this delicacy is for you! The fish is fried until it gets crispy, and it is served with tasty chili sauce. Palm sugar, fish sauce, and tamarind concentrate can be used to add flavor. This dish is best cooked using trout, salmon, catfish, or cod.


Thai Peanut Dip

Instead of using peanut butter, Thai people use real peanuts to create this extraordinary sauce. Since this dressing is easy to cook, this recipe is often used in vegetables or sauce for chicken or beef satay.


Thot Man Khao Phot

This Thai delicacy is cooked with egg, flour, garlic, and pepper to come up with fried corn cakes. Ground pork or shrimp, kaffir lime leaves, and spices may be used to add flavor. Vegetarians often pair this delight with tofu.


Gung Sarong

Prawns wrapped in pastry and vermicelli are fried to perfection. This sumptuous dish is then served with sweet chili dipping sauce as either an appetizer or party food. Prawn lovers can’t get enough of this meal because of its crispy texture.


Thai Fish Cakes

The groundfish is fried with kaffir lime leaves, long beans, and red curry paste to come up with this appetizing snack. Dip these cakes, which are locally known as Tod Mun Pla, into cucumber relish or sweet chili sauce to taste more of its flavors. 


Thai Mussels

Blend Thai Mussels with curry sauce and cook it for 20 minutes. Fish cakes are an easy treat to prepare, especially if you’re doing the cooking yourself. Lemongrass, fish sauce, garlic, coconut milk, lime, and groundnut oil are used to add flavor.


Have your party in a bar

You can avoid the hassle of preparing these finger foods by bringing your friends or guests to a cocktail bar in Bangkok. Pair these Thai treats with their wide selection of drinks while enjoying some great music. Enjoy the night without the stress and the clean-up after by taking the party to the bar.


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