How to Enjoy Thai Food While Watching Your Cholesterol Levels

Most Thai cuisine consists of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Thai dishes usually involve a lot of healthy spices and great tastes. If you are a huge fan of Thai food but want to make sure that you are still watching your cholesterol, there are some ways you...

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A Complete Guide for Thai Herbs and Spices

Thai cuisine is well known for its flavor, aroma, and vibrant colors. Much of what makes Thai food such a delicacy is the numerous spices and fresh herbs that Thai people use in their recipes. We’ll be taking some time today to go over some of the most common spices...

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Unique Thai Dishes That Taste Better Than They Sound

If you've ever visited Thailand, you've seen the fried scorpions, toasted bugs, and fruit that looks like it comes from outer space. A lot of items may look rather strange to you, but there are just some dishes that are experiences you can't pass up just because...

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The History and Regional Differences of Thai Cuisine

Whether it’s stewing, frying, or grilling, the distinctive flavors to many delicious Thai dishes can be summarised as spicy, sour, salty, sweet, and bitter. But what of its history and origin? The history of Thai cuisine can be traced back to over 1400 years ago when...

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Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Thai Food

Whether you've been to Thailand, are from Thailand, or want to visit, everyone can agree that Thai food is a unique, delectable cuisine. Everyone is familiar with the famous Green Curry, Coconut Chicken Soup, and of course, Pad Thai. Maybe you enjoy the sweetness of...

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Thai Noodles Dishes You Really Need To Try At Least Once

  It’s no secret that Thailand makes some of the best noodles of all time. Tourists from all over the world are visiting to get a taste of the local noodle dishes that people have been raving about. However, there are still a lot of people who don’t know much...

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Thai Food – The Herbal Benefits & What to Know

  It is a known fact around the world that Thai food is one of the healthiest cuisines. Out of the many Thai dishes out there, the famous Tom Yum soup is under scientific scrutiny to gauge the health benefits that one can get from it. The taste and health...

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10 Healthy Thai Dishes That You Should Try

  Thai food is world-renowned for its complexity of flavors and aromas. Not only that, but Thai food is also known to be quite healthy, as many different dishes that come with an assortment of fruits, herbs, and vegetable. With that said, here are the best menus...

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