Why Thai Food Has Become So Popular Worldwide

Thai food is well-loved all around the world. Why is this one particular country’s cuisine so outstanding from the others? Let’s take a look. First of all, Thai cuisine places an emphasis on preparing the ingredients in a way that keeps producing fresh and aromatic....

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Ingredients that make Thai food Delicious

Thai cuisine is renowned all around the world for being delicious and flavorful. There is so much variety that you are sure to find something you like, whether it is a mild, fragrant dish or a spicy, eye-watering one. Here are nine ingredients that every Thai...

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Tips for Planning Your Party at a Restaurant

Have you ever wanted to host an extravagant party with a long guest list, only to realize that you live in a studio apartment in a bustling city? Fear not! Busy cities have no shortage of restaurants, bars, and other places where you can host elaborate festivities....

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How to Reserve a Table at Indulge Fusion Food & Cocktail Bar

Even if you aren’t particularly fussed about how long dinner takes, making a reservation can make the whole dining experience a lot better. You don’t have to stress about which restaurant to go to, or spend half an hour in line outside. Instead, you’ll have the...

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Pad Thai – Why Is It So Popular?

Thailand is known for having an amazing variety of food. Why, then, in the midst of the array, does Pad Thai stand out? This dish is a classic for Thai people. It is not one of the fancier, more flavorful dishes, but a simple one. What makes people queue at a crowded...

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A Brief History of Thailand

Over two centuries ago, the beautiful country of Thailand was known as Siam. The capital, Ayutthaya, was an approximate 85 kilometers north of Bangkok. The era of Ayutthaya was a time of growth for the nation. During the 417 year period, 33 kings sat on the throne and...

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The benefits of eating organic food

There are a number of reasons that those who grow and eat organic food believe that it is superior to food that isn’t organic. Some of those reasons are elaborated below: Higher Antioxidant Intake Recent research on how antioxidants from our daily meals affect health...

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Why Bangkok is a Great City

Bangkok, Thailand's capital city, is one of the best tourist spots in the entire world. Many people from all over the globe travel to Bangkok for everything that the city has to offer. Other than the fact that is the largest and most developed city in Thailand,...

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